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Email from Kurt in Indian Head Canada


Hello Peter,

Thank you for your prompt reply. ( we, Pnu-Point supplied a new air-control valve). Here is a photo of a stone foundation built in about 1904. It is hard to see what is going on but look at the bottom of the stair. The stuff in the bottom is mortar that has eroded out of the walls over about fifty years. It doesn't get much worse than this. I bought the Pnu-Point gun for this job and in the first month I put about a cubic yard and a half of mortar through it. I cannot imagine how long it would have taken the "other way" of pointing. It really paid for itself in the first couple of days. Really. Some of the joints were 12 inches deep. I pumped in so much mud with your tool. It really saved me so much time and effort. I could put it in the wall faster than my helper could mix a batch.

Library Wall
I'm looking forward to the right job where I can order another Pnu-Point for my helper.


(Kurt has since purchased a second Pnu-Point.)


One question for you. I have been looking a good way to mix the lime mortar. Do you have any suggestions? I have looked for a roll pan mixer here but they are not available in North America to my knowledge. I am using a trough and a larry. It works well but some of these foundations take a lot of mortar it would be nice to mix quicker and bigger batches.

If any US or Candian guys have a suggestion for Kurt we will pass it on.


Kurt Macpherson



Email from Kurt when ordering a second Pnu-Point

“Your tool really is the best. It has done well for me. I have put a few yards of mortar through it so far.