Carreck Ltd

Historic Buildings Restored and Maintained with the help of the Pnu-Point Pointing and Grouting Tool

Typical of the work carried out by Carrek Ltd is the repair and restorationn of historic buildings, the 600 year old Rufus Tower in Dorset and the 1000 year old White Tower of the Tower being two recent contracts.


" We used your Pnu-Pointing tool to deliver grout with great success on both projects"

Piers Deny

Carrek Ltd


Rufus Castle


Rufus Castle was probably built by William Rufus (called Rufus because of his red hair). THe structure remaining is probably the keep of a larger castle.

In 1142, Robert , Earl of Glocester, captured the castle fron King SDtephen on behalf of the Empress Maud, and a licience to rebuild was granted in 1258. The Castle was rebuilt in the 15th century and much of what bremains dates from this time.

The castle is constructed in the form of a pentagon, and the 7 ft (2 metre) thick walls are pierced by numerous loop holes for shooting arrows at attackers. As can be seen from the photo, there are numerous deep cracks in the stonework.

White Tower

The castle that eventually became known as the Tower of London was built by William the Conqueror inn !066. It began as a timber fortification enclosed by a palisade. In the next decade work began on the White Tower, the great stone keep that still dominates the castle today.

The precise date of the White Towers foundation is unknown, and it is a;lso uncertain how long building it took. It is traditionally held that construction commenced in 1078 which means that the building is over 1000 years old.

White Tower