Listed 1840 North Yorkshire Farmhouse

1840 Listed North Yorkshire Farmhouse

Listed Building Restoration Project


A typical project for Re-Point, a Co Durham building maintenance business, was the repointing of a 1840 listed farmhouse in a North Yorkshire village. The contract specified that the raking out be done by hand because of the fragile state of the brickwork and that the pointing was to be a 2 1/2 to 1 moderate hydraulic lime mortar. The joionts were fettled to achieve a weathered, "not just repointed" finish. The Pnu-Point pointing tool forced the mortar into the irregular joints without any bleed on the work face. On a typical day the two man team achieved 25 to 30 square metres, much of their time being spent in fettling to achieve the required finish. This was a time consuming and care requiring job but financially well worthwhile because of the Pnu-Point tool's ease of use, cleanliness and speed.

Re-Point work mainly in the North East of England and Yorkshire but distance is no object!

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