ReVamp at West Cornforth



Restoring a listed cottage.

A project carried out by ReVamp was the "revamping" of a listed cottage situated on the edge of the green in a County Durham village.

The stone built cottage had been badly rendered many years previously and was in desperate need of refurbishment. ReVamp's task was to remove the render, make good the stonework and repoint.

Much of the existing stone was soft limestone which had to be removed and replaced.

Filling deep holes and joints with the 22 mm prototype nozzle


Filling deep joints: mortar before it has "taken up" and the joints struck and brushed.








Keep the Pnu-Point clean! Cleaning the thread after filling.


Finished struck and brushed joints. Notice the weathered sharp sand.






The finished cottage.

Revamp carry out projects in the North of England

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