The Pnu-Point Pointing and Grouting Tool saves time, makes money: if you point, you need a Pnu-Point!

The Pnu-Point Pointing Tool saves:

  • on labour time and cost

  • on subcontract cost

  • on site cost

  • on material wastage

  • on mess

The Pnu-Point Pointing Tool improves:

  • your hand over programme

  • the quality of work and finish

and most significantly your profit.


The Pnu-Point Pointing Tool will:

  • recover its purchase price in the first few days of use

  • Increase your profits

  • make you more competitive


  • enble to undercut your competitors

  • win better quality, premium charging work





In the UK, typically the price that can be asked for repointing a square metre of standard brick work is around £44 to £50.   Mechanical pointing franchises charge much more than this. Look at the Checkatrade web site to confirm these figures

Typically using traditional pointing methods a pointing gang of two will point about 10 to 12 square metres of brickwork per day. Hence earning £500.

If they can do this faster, and the Pnu-Point Pointing Tool will enable them to be at least 4 times faster, then instead of earning £500  they can earn £2000 per day! Pointing then changes from being an infill job that nobody wants to do to a popular money making business.

The cost of the Pnu-Point pointing Tool can be recovered in the first day of pointing.


Stone and Brick

Using traditional methods, pointing of stone work is often slower to point than brick work, frequently the joints are deeper and wider and as a result a price permium can be charged. With the Pnu-Point Pointing Tool stone work can be pointed even faster and more effectively than brickwork, the worse the condition of the stone work the more effective the Pnu-Point Pointing Tool.

Pointing stonework with the Pnu-Point Pointing Tool will be an even more money making activity than pointing brickwork.

The cost of the Pnu-Point pointing Tool can be recovered in the first day of pointing.




Pointing paving by hand is a tedious, back ache inducing task. With the Pnu-Pointing Tool it is fast, easy and clean. On typical paving one fill of the Pnu-Point pointing Tool will point about four to five linear metres. This will take about two minutes! Customers tell us that their paving costs are reduced by half when they use use the Pnu-Point Pointing Tool.

The cost of the Pnu-Point pointing Tool can be recovered in the first day of pointing.


Can you afford not to have a Pnu-Point?

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