Comments from US and Canada

Comments from US and Canada

Comments from one of our first US customers. Jesse in Kansas

"A few shots of the house now that I have had it for over a month, and a couple of shots of the work i did this week in the basement. still several walls to go down there, to demo and point, but I was thrilled with the first run, and with the performance of the gun. I showed the gun to my mason, and he loved it. Will be in touch."

This was his second email:


My body is quite tired from the work we pulled off the past two days. I was able to refine my moves alot the second day after the experimental day. I think we did about 150 square feet of stone with two guys. 11 bags of mortar total. i'm happy with the type S mortar downstairs. the stone is not soft, it is bedrock. Once I perfect my finishing moves with the brush and tools, I will be ready to start outside in the early spring, weather permitting.

The tool worked perfectly, and had zero clogs. the burping problem, where the last bit of air chokes thru the nozzle and spits the mortar, i worked thru that. I felt that the control of the trigger, how sensitive it is, was very nice, and allowed me to establish a relative plane for the finished face in the fill stage.

I was able to mix two 80 lb. bags of mortar at a time, and use it all very quickly with the gun.

Will take a few shots of the work and show it to you soon.

I actually think that a second gun will be warranted for the exterior project. I found that stopping to refill was not that great, so if i had a second gun, i could just give one of my guys the task of filling, and he could just hand me a continually full gun.

Having fun, and enjoying the tool.



Hey Peter,

Thanks for the email. Yes I have been using your tool almost steady for the last six weeks.Works amazing like you said with no real problems.I love the fact that I can modify the tips to fit a flexible hose etc.We were working on an old barn restoration whereas the mortar joints were 1- 1 1/2" wide and little mortar remaining behind some stone. I was able to shoot mortar into these joints and behind the stones which would have been impossible to do my hand; very impressed.

Darryl Irwin

Stone Hollow Farm



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I have used the Pnu-Point gun today and it works better than what I thought it would do. The weight of the gun is lighter and balanced better than the quik point. We had a race with the two and you know which gun won "pnu point". I had to make the mortar stiffer because it comes out easier than the quik point gun, that gun needs loose wet mortar. I have one question, air comes out of the valve on the lid when I am holding the trigger down. Is this normal???
I am very!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy with the pnu-point gun.
Thank you,
Jonathan Oglesby
J James Masonry
Green Bay
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( in answer to Jon's question: yes air does come out of the lid valve at all times: it is essential for the operation of the tool: Peter at Pnu-Point)

hi peter. tool worked really well. proper consistency of mortar very important as well as the pressure. i wonder if more pressure with larger relief valve would allow a stiffer mix of mortar to pass . feel free to pass my email address to potential buyers for imput . all positive from my side. twig

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(In answer to Twigs question: if you increase the pressure over 2 bar (32psi)there is danger of the water being pushed out of the mortar mix: segregation. This makes the mortar stiffer so it stops flowing. Don't do it. Peter at Pnu-Point)