Point faster and make more money in 2021! (1)

Brexit has not caused any problems for customers in the  UK (except for those in Northern Ireland) so we are  able to offer 2 day delivery for orders received.  

We are sorry that we have had to increase carriage charge from £10.00 to £12.00 UK and Scotland lowlands with corresponding increases for other destinations.


We have managed to hold ou

  We have managed to hold our prices for the Pnu-Point tool and spares at the 2019 level despite most of our suppliers increasing theirs.

 For customers in the EU  the story is very different. We are having significant problems with carriage and custom clearance. We are working hard to resolve these but there seems to be a significant lack of understanding and an even more significant lack of help from UK Government.

Please contact us for the latest information.

Our apologies.

For customers outside the EEC, typically US, Canada, Australia the nothing has changed.


The Pnu-Point Pointing and Grouting Tool 

Super for brickwork, stonework, cobbles, paving and brick slips


It's the pointing tool that works.

 Powered by low pressure compressed

 air  (32 psi / 2 bar), the tool has no moving parts. 

Nothing to go wrong: just keep the tool clean.


What a start to a year in Durham: rain. sun, snow, ice, rain, many impossible days for pointing. Make up for the lost days by using a

Pnu-Point  Pointing and Grouting tool: 

 times faster  than by hand.



 The tool is sold wherever there is pointing to be done: virtually all countries in Europe, the USA and Canada, Australia, New Zealand. We have even sold to China and Japan!


The tool might seem expensive , but customers tell us that they get their money back in the first day or two of use.


 The Pnu-Point Tool enables you to point faster and cleaner with virtually any mortar.

The Pnu-Point pushes the mortar to the back of the joint, so completely filling it.

The Pnu-Point is clean to use and easy to clean after use: just wash out with water.

The Pnu-Point has no moving parts so nothing to go wrong.


Customers tell us that they can point 50 square metres or more of brickwork per day with the Pnu-Point. 


Feed back from customers:

You might have read the reviews on U-TUBE: some of of them are adverse but if you look at the writers you will see that they are voicing opinions without having used the Pnu-Point tool: just look at some of the quality work carried out by our customers.

We have customers across the world: USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, Canary Islands, Spain, Poland, Finland and of course nearer to home: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Channel Isles and England. We have even sold in Japan to re-point the fire bricks in a blast furnace and to China to point light weight brick slip panels!

Carriage in the UK is always next day dispatch with next day delivery.

Carriage to the US and Canada usually takes around 4 days.

Carriage to most parts of Europe before  BREXIT  usually took about 2 days. Unfortunately it now takes about a week.



Here is a sample of projects carried by our customers: to read more about these and other projects click here



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Brick Slips


to read more about these and other projects click here
or go to our "Customers Projects" page



Or if you have seen enough and want to order either telephone us at 01913869358, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or go to our web shop by clicking here or the Pnu-Point Store tab at the top of the page.

If you have any queries do not hesitate to call or email us. We are here to help!



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